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Warriors Face Best Opponent in Recent Memory

Fall to Hanover

by Julian Aramendi

October 29, 2018

The obvious objection to the above headline is that the 2013 Baileyville B&B Falcons serve as a counterexample, since they are within recent memory and were better than the Hanover Wildcat team Southern Cloud faced last Thursday.  While your scribe does not contest the former claim, he views the latter as half-baked at best.  On the basis of results that Falcon squad should be ranked more highly inasmuch as it went on to win the championship; the Wildcats have yet to do so and may not.  However, on the basis of talent, execution, and physicality this Hanover team is of higher caliber than the swan song team of B&B. 

The one-sidedness of the 54-0 defeat calls to mind the words of Sir Winston Churchill in his work "The Second World War."  He described the preparations of Holland against a German invasion thusly: "The Dutch had trusted to their water-line; all the sluices not seized or betrayed were opened, and the Dutch frontier guards fired upon the invaders.  Mr. Colijn, when as Dutch Prime Minister he visited me in 1937, had explained to me the marvelous efficiency of the Dutch inundations.  He could, he explained, by a telephone message from the luncheon table at Chartwell press a button which would confront an invader with impassable water obstacles.  But all this was nonsense.  The power of a great state against a small one under modern conditions is overwhelming."  So it is too in football.  The outcome of this contest, and innumerable others like it, had been decided long ago in various weight rooms and on various practice fields.  The old adage "Championships are not won on the field; they are only played there" rings true. 

Courage is the virtue by which under pain or threat of pain one retains the faculties of clear thought and decision.  The Warriors showed much of this against the Wildcats.  It would have been the easy thing, indeed the natural thing, to give in.  If there is a single thing for which these Warriors are to be commended, it is the spirit they showed in the face of impossible odds. 

Southern Cloud thus bids farewell to six seniors.  These are, in order of surname; Carson Bellows, Jake Comstock, Blake Gumm, Ryan Paillet, Zach Paillet, and Kaury Stout.  Bellows and Zach Paillet played all four years of high school football; Gumm played in three seasons; the remaining three logged two seasons apiece.  Bellows led the offense with 18 yards on 10 attempts; he also completed an 11-yard pass for a first down.  Stout started at fullback; he took his share of shots on nine carries.  He also hauled in Bellows's completion.  Comstock and Zach Paillet played both ways up front, with Ryan Paillet manning his usual tight end and safety spots.  Gumm was ruled out due to a knee injury. 

These fellows will be missed; it falls to the next group of Warriors to step up and write the next chapter. 

The Warriors play next against the Dragons of Wilson. 


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