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Glasco Schools 7-12 Science Classes

By: Mrs. Suzette Gile

October 04, 2021

The seventh graders recently completed a lab on building microscopes out of paper towel and toilet paper tubes. They each had to design their own microscope and write a procedure for building it. They thought it was fun but challenging. They found that the design they had in mind did not always work and they had to do a lot of revising. One student said, "We looked the challenge in the eye and fought it."


The eighth graders have completed a unit on chemistry and have started one on motion and forces. They recently did a lab exploring the production of carbon dioxide.


The Physical Science class has completed a section on motion and is now exploring forces. They just finished learning about Bernoulli’s principle and how airplanes achieve lift.


The Biology students are studying ecology, exploring food chains and population growth, as well as human impacts on the environment.


Anatomy and Physiology students are studying the integumentary system - learning the layers and characteristics of the skin.


The Physics class has been studying motion and forces. They are starting a unit on gravitational and electromagnetic forces.


There are two students that are doing an independent study in Earth Science. They recently learned how to read and interpret a topographical map.


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